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Asian food is a national treasure enjoyed by millions of people every year. Whether you are dining in, taking out or eating on the go, the aroma of a well-cooked Asian meal is something that can change anyone’s day. This is never clearer than on the Las Vegas Strip.

The rich history of Asian food and Vegas dates back over a century to 1905 when the Arrowhead restaurant was purchased and began churning out unforgettable meals. Years later, the foothold that Asian Food has on Vegas can’t be denied. The first five star Michelin Chinese restaurant in North America is right in Vegas with Wing Lei, serving a variety of dishes from the region. Chinese food on the strip was never more readily available or delicious.

Whether you are a fan of the Americanized version of the beloved food like beef with broccoli, General Tso’s, or Sesame Chicken or perhaps more of a traditionalist options for Peking Duck, Wok-Fried Lobster or Congee, there’s plenty to choose for Chinese food. There’s also sushi and a slew of other meals from other cultures, all making up the amazing Asian choices that restaurants offer in Vegas.

Merging sauces, seafood, meat and starch together in the most unique ways, these eateries will give you plenty to choose from. The choices might be difficult, but one thing is certain, you’ll go home full. In a city known for its food, fun and flamboyance, Las Vegas understands how to do fine food, and nothing is finer than chowing down on Chow Mein at one of the amazing Asian restaurants on the strip.

Whether you use chopsticks or sporks or eat octopus or devour Americanized fortune cookies, you’ll find what you’re looking for in terms of Asian Food on the Strip.

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What is some must eat Asian food in Las Vegas?

Asian food in Las Vegas is diverse in its offerings. Japanese, Chinese and Thai cuisines are just a few of the offerings at the Vegas hotels, such as Mott 32 at The Venetian and Red 8 at Wynn Las Vegas.

Are there vegan Asian restaurants on the Strip in Las Vegas?

Some Asian restaurants on the Strip have vegan options, and there are a few exclusive places for vegan food in Las Vegas outside of Eastern cuisine.

What are the best Asian fusion restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip?

TAO Asian Bistro inside The Venetian Resort and FUHU at Resorts World are a few of the amazing choices for Asian fusion restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip, among several others.