More Info about Other Dining

Looking for food? Any food? Las Vegas has everything you could ever imagine. So, if you want a plateful of grub, you can find it here. You may want to step off the beaten path. French, Italian, Mexican, and all the classic food types are tired? Well, how about other dining on the Strip? Yeah? Check it out. It’s here.

These pages will give you access to some of the more obscure types of meals you can get on the strip. Whether it’s fast, elegant or in between, you’ll be sure to find your selection of other food on the Strip and enough to make the most varied group of hungry tummies full for the night.

After all, that’s what Vegas is about, right? Trying new things and enjoying all that there is to offer is why people choose the Las Vegas Strip for their travel plans. When that happens, you might want a serving of grub that strays from the norm. Other dining on the Strip? That’s synonymous with adventure.

What does it mean? Anything and everything. Perhaps it’s a new genre that you haven’t tried. Maybe it’s a form of dining unlike any other. It could even be your new favorite, waiting to be discovered. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Food happens in Vegas. Good food.

So if you’re sick of the same old, same old and want to dive into something a bit more exotic, rare or just a choice that doesn’t fit into society’s mold, check out the listings we have here. You might love it. You might hate it. Whatever it is, you’ll never forget it. Because just like Las Vegas, there’s other dining on the Strip ready for you to roll the dice and add another chapter to your already unforgettable visit.

FAQs about Other Dining

Is indoor dining open in Las Vegas?

Yes. Las Vegas is open for indoor dining, events and activities with newly-updated guidelines.

How many fine dining restaurants are on the Strip in Las Vegas?

There are over 4,300 restaurants in Las Vegas and hundreds of fine dining restaurants, such as Top of the World at The STRAT.

Where is the best outdoor dining on the Las Vegas Strip?

Paris Las Vegas has several outdoor dining options, from Beer Park to HEXX Kitchen. Other rooftop dining and balcony restaurants offer amazing outdoor dining experiences, like Yard House at The LINQ and Cabo Wabo Cantina at Miracle Mile Shops.