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The three best letters for dining? BBQ. That’s why finding the best BBQ on the Strip is a snap with our listings. You can’t go wrong with this grilled option on your plate.

Where did barbecue begin? It dates back to before human beings. Seriously. The human ancestor, Homo erectus, first began the act of cooking meat with fire about 1.8 million years ago. That’s how food originally started. It was so perfect that it took millions of years to perfect to the delicious meals we eat today. For modern human, BBQ like you’d find on the Strip is an updated version of meat cooked over a grill or pit. The spices we cover them in originated in the Caribbean. So thank them because it’s awesome.

If you’re looking for chicken, beef, seafood or vegetables, BBQ on the Strip has something for everyone. With a smell you can catch a mile away, good barbecue has all the makings of a meal that you go home and tell people about. There’s nothing better than a grilled up plate of perfection and, when in Vegas, you deserve the best. That’s why On The Strip has a list of, well, the best.

The real trick to find BBQ is finding the top options. That’s a hard task when staying on the Las Vegas Strip. Known for having an overflowing about of amazing food, Vegas gives guests an chance to try it all. So why  not do that? Try what you can and go home with a smile. That’s the Las Vegas way and BBQ is the best of the bunch.

So take a look, take some notes and take a walk to the best places for BBQ on the Strip. It’s something that any fine diner will go out of their way for. Hit the jackpot at the BBQ pit. It’s waiting. We can smell the food from here.

FAQs about BBQ

What hotel has the best BBQ in Las Vegas?

That depends on the type of BBQ you want. Best Friend inside Park MGM is a prime location for Korean BBQ on the Strip, while Ellis Island is famous for its prix fixe barbecue menu.

What is the best barbecue restaurant in Las Vegas?

The best BBQ in Las Vegas can be found at several locations, like John Mull’s Meats and Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que at Red Rock Resort.

Where is Gilley's on the Strip?

Gilley’s is a Las Vegas BBQ restaurant located in Treasure Island Hotel & Casino.