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Las Vegas is famous for many things. The Strip is a household name to both locals and travelers, and the hotel and resort names are headliners in their own right. However, the true source of the city’s character, stemming from its checkered history and smoky past, lies in the Las Vegas casinos.

Almost every hotel and resort on the Las Vegas Strip has a casino somewhere on the premises. Travel back in time to the original Vegas money pits at Flamingo Las Vegas, when Bugsy and Meyer started a renaissance of revenue streams. If classic casino betting isn’t your style, step into the modern casinos at Resorts World or The Cosmopolitan to gamble in classy, smoke-free environments.

To fully enjoy a Las Vegas casino, dive into a world that exists beyond the slot machines. Of course, plopping down in front of the slots with a complimentary drink never hurts. With high-limit tables, dozens of card games to choose from and incentives that go far beyond the money, gamblers need not panic over the plethora of choices.

Ready to go all in? Read about the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. We aim to bring the entirety of the casino experience to future guests. Learn about strategies, rewards tiers, points redemption and more before even stepping foot on the casino floor. Plus, many Strip casinos belong to the same programs, which multiplies the enjoyment and maximizes the benefits.

The Las Vegas casinos are light, bright and full of energy. The best way to start enjoying the closest casino near you is to book a room that’s connected to it. Explore the hotels through On The Strip and be confident that you can’t make a wrong choice.

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FAQs about Gambling

How old do you have to be to gamble on the Strip in Las Vegas?

You must be 21 years or older to gamble inside the Las Vegas Strip casinos.

How much money can I gamble in Vegas?

Short answer: however much you want. If gambling isn’t in your price range on a given day, there are plenty of cheap Las Vegas Strip activities to enjoy during your trip.

Can I gamble on sports in Las Vegas?

Absolutely. There are sportbooks in many of the Las Vegas Strip hotels and resorts, in addition to hotels downtown for betting.