Get to Know Our Insta BFF Bento Box Queen @SulheeJessica

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Ever find someone cool on Instagram and go down the rabbit hole? Meet @SulheeJessica

By OTS Staff

@OTS Staff: By day, you are …

@SulheeJessica: Guiding my kids through distance learning, cleaning house, packing lunch ☺️, filming and in work Zoom meetings in between.

OTS Staff: By night, you are …

Jessica Woo: Working on video editing, responding to DMs, reflecting on goals and staying up way too late binge watching a show.

OTS Staff: That’s a heavy to-do list.

Jessica Woo: Hahah, yeah. 😅

OTS Staff: How many years on Insta?

Jessica Woo: 10 years! 😳

OTS Staff: Time flies!!! Wow … you were early.

Jessica Woo: Yeah, it really does.

OTS Staff: First post?

Jessica Woo: Classic car selfie. 😛

OTS Staff: The old standard …

Jessica Woo: Yeah.

OTS Staff: Top post? And why do you think it broke the internet?

Jessica Woo: Video compilation of me making lunch for my kids! Honestly, I’m not sure, but people seem to love how extra I am with their lunches.

OTS Staff: How old are the girls??

Jessica Woo: 2, 7 and 9!

OTS Staff: Do you ever do a detox, and, if so, how long?

Jessica Woo: Yes! A few days, a week, whenever I need to.

OTS Staff: Do the girls know what you do???

Jessica Woo: Yes!

OTS Staff: What do they think of it?

Jessica Woo: They think it’s cool and love the perks that come with it. We get to do some of my campaigns together! We just did one with Netflix! 🙂

OTS Staff: What’s your favorite campaign you have done lately?

Jessica Woo: My girls and I did one for Google. It was about kids internet safety, so it was on something so important these days and also fun for us to do together.

OTS Staff: Fave follow on Insta?

Jessica Woo: @Foodwithsoy@Jeenieweenie@unlokt

OTS Staff: When your content first went viral, what was your reaction?

Jessica Woo: It felt surreal, especially when you go viral during a pandemic.

OTS Staff: What do you think it is that people love about your content???

Jessica Woo: I think it’s because I’m just being myself and sharing my love of food and my family, and it’s coming from a genuine place.

OTS Staff: Is there a lunch you made that you thought was great that the girls didn’t want again?

Jessica Woo: Yeah, there are a lot of lunches like that. They tell me I didn’t really like it that much, but I ate it anyway. Which makes me happy, and I’ll just make a note and try not to make that again, LOL.

OTS Staff: What does your perfect lunch look like??? And who makes it for you???

Jessica Woo: That’s a hard one. Probably anything Korean my mommy makes. 🙂

OTS Staff: Nothing like Mom’s cooking. … Where do you get your ideas from?

Jessica Woo: Usually, I try to just come up with something with ingredients I have in my fridge. I also love eating all different kinds of food, so I try to offer the same variety to my kids. I get inspiration and ideas from everywhere!

OTS Staff: And your cool tools???

Jessica Woo: Mostly Amazon!

OTS Staff: Amazing!!!! Can’t wait to shop your page.

Jessica Woo: ❤️

OTS Staff: Most elaborate lunch?

Jessica Woo: Most likely my Olaf bento, I even made snowflakes with spam. So very extra. LOL.

OTS Staff: Wow, that’s a lot of people. Incredible!!! You are doing everything right in the social game!!!

Jessica Woo: So crazy! 


Shamrock ☘️ shake! #stpatricksday #shamrockshake #mintchocolatechip #foodtiktok

♬ original sound – Jessica Woo

OTS Staff: Who’s in your DMs? With all those followers, you must get so many messages a day???

Jessica Woo: A lot of my followers send me the sweetest messages from all over the world. Truly puts into perspective of why I love doing this. Also just my close creator friends!

OTS Staff: Greatest wish for 2021?

Jessica Woo: For COVID to go away 🙏🏻—to travel and hug everyone.

OTS Staff: Will we be seeing you and the girls hit the road on some adventures???

Jessica Woo: Yes, hopefully! I love traveling with them!

OTS Staff: OK, I see it was yes day … what was one thing you said yes to that you wanted to say no to???

Jessica Woo: Staying up as long as they wanted. Haha.

OTS Staff: Tag a bestie?

Jessica Woo: My sis @alienduff

OTS Staff: Yay! Thx you for being our Insta BFF … let’s have lunch sometime.

Jessica Woo: Thank you!!!! Yes, brunch and endless mimosas!

OTS Staff: And it doesn’t have to come in a box!!! 😚

Jessica Woo: 😘

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