Meet Our Insta BFF @Bojo_Live the Emcee Extraordinaire

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Ever find someone cool on Instagram and go down the rabbit hole? Meet @Bojo_Live

By OTS Staff

@OTS Staff: By day, you are …

@Bojo_Live: I’m Bojo on the radio, an in-arena host, an emcee extraordinaire. I’m really good on a mic. 🎙

OTS Staff: By night, you are …

Bojo Ackah: I’m a daddy to two beautiful kiddos and a hubby to a very lucky woman … OK, I have to be honest, I’m the lucky one. ☘️

OTS Staff: So you’re an entertainer and a father, does that make you the king of dad jokes?!

Bojo Ackah: The king of failed dad jokes. I’m the least funny person in my household.

OTS Staff: 😂 Everyone’s a critic, I guess. How many years have you been on Insta?

Bojo Ackah: Wow, I go all the way back to August 2012—and that first post is no bueno. 👎🏾

OTS Staff: Nothing makes me cringe more than looking through my old social media 😂. What was your first post?

Bojo Ackah: Well, now that we are Insta BFFs, I might need you to give that first post of mine a like since it only has one. It’s a pic of me with my shirt over my head. I wish I had an explanation. 🤦🏾‍♂️

OTS Staff: No judgment coming from over here. 🤙 So on top of your radio work, you’ve done a lot of in-arena hosting at sporting events?

Bojo Ackah: Yes, I have, from the NBA Summer League to LV Lights FC and more.

OTS Staff: I know soccer has been a mainstay in your life, but have you always been a hockey fan?

Bojo Ackah: I consider myself an all-around sports fan, and hockey was something I probably only watched when it was the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but that all changed in 2017 …

OTS Staff: It’s pretty amazing to see how quickly Vegas became a total hockey city. 🏒

Bojo Ackah: After that inaugural season for the Golden Knights, like many other Vegas locals, I became a passionate hockey fan.

Bojo Ackah: My Insta BFF better be at some games!!

OTS Staff: What’s your top Insta post, and why do you think it “broke” the internet?

Bojo Ackah: Without a doubt, a post with my kids. My 4-year-old daughter is a little star and constantly stealing my shine LOL. But I think the post of mine that broke the internet was a pretty cool pic of me holding my son within hours of him being born. 🥰

OTS Staff: What a picture! How old is your son now?

Bojo Ackah: He is 11 months, turns 1 year old on March 5.

OTS Staff: Ayy, the big first bday not far away!

Bojo Ackah: Oooh great question. I could say Outkast or Tribe Called Quest, but the group I think was the best is … drum roll, please 🥁  🥁  🥁  … The Fugees!! The talent was astronomical between Lauryn Hill, Wyclef and Pras.

OTS Staff: All phenomenal choices—but seriously, the Fugees slap. “Ready or Not” continues to be a timeless jam. 🎶

Bojo Ackah: FACTS! 💯 

OTS Staff: What about current artists, any underrated up-and-comers on your radar?

OTS Staff: Alright, we’re ending with a couple heavy-hitters. If you had to pick between sports or music, where do you lean?

Bojo Ackah: Whoa, tough one. Both are sooo instrumental in my life, but I believe the power of music will outlast athletics for me. So I gotta go with MUSIC!

OTS Staff: Last thing, who’s your fave follow on Insta?

Bojo Ackah: I’ve got to say my man Will Smith. I think because he is so creative and inspirational, plus a dad like me. He’s straight-up hilarious, plus fairly new to Insta, so his posts stay fresh.

OTS Staff: He’s remarkably hip for a guy that’s been around a while … I guess that’s why he’s the Fresh Prince. 😂 Thanks for being my Insta BFF Bojo!! Best wishes with everything, and go, Knights, go!

Bojo Ackah: This was a lot of fun! Before I see ya at a HSK game, I’m willing to play you a throwback request on the radio right now on Q100.5. 😉 

OTS Staff: It isn’t the most unique choice, but I’m saying “The Next Episode” by Dre and Snoop. “Chronic 2001” always on repeat. 😂

Bojo Ackah: Awesome, thanks for taking the time. 👏🏾

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