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The Daily Snack: Raising the Ring of the MSG Sphere

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Construction crews for the MSG Sphere have been doing some heavy lifting

By OTS Staff

Work on the Madison Square Garden Sphere at The Venetian just cleared one of its biggest thresholds. The project’s heaviest lift: The raising a 170-ton steel compression ring that will serve as the apex of the steel frame for the state-of-the-art entertainment venue’s domed roof. Upon completion, reaching 336 feet high and 516 feet wide, the MSG Sphere will be the largest spherical structure in the world. And the Sphere will also be the home of the highest-resolution LED screen on Earth—100 times better than most HD televisions.

The Deets

• Construction is for The Venetian’s new state-of-the-art domed entertainment venue.

• Crews lifted the 170-ton steel compression ring, approximately equivalent to two 757 aircraft. The ring will act as the apex of the dome’s steel frame.

• Because of its weight and size (almost 100 feet in diameter), the steel compression ring had to be assembled on site and it took three weeks for the prefabricated steel pieces to be welded and bolted together.

• Lifting the compression ring on top of a 258-foot-tall steel tower required the world’s fourth-largest crawler crane.

• MSG Entertainment expects construction to be completed in 2023.

• The venue will have a scalable capacity of approximately 17,500 seated to 20,000 with a mix of seated and standing.

• An infrasound haptic system will use deep vibrations so that guests can “feel” the experience.

• Within the Sphere, there will be a new architecture for connectivity that delivers more than 25 megabits per second for every guest and includes more than 1,100 Wi-Fi access points.

• On the exterior, there is a 580,000 square-foot fully programmable LED, creating a digital showcase for artists, brands and partners.

Posted by MSG Sphere on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

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