More Info about Transportation

Got somewhere to go when staying in fabulous Las Vegas? There’s so much to do On The Strip (hence the name), but there is plenty to do anywhere in our amazing city that never sleeps. That’s why sometimes you need to find transportation on the Strip. That’s what you’ll find here. We have it all.

Buses, trams, Ubers, taxis, rickshaws, gremlins pushing you in a wagon – whatever your travel choice, we have the listings to help you find it. After all, the best way to see Vegas is to, well, see Vegas. But you have to get there. If you need a way to do that, you need a listing of the best places to find transportation on the Strip.

Car rental? We got it. For those who flew in and need a vehicle, finding the right dealer with the right choices makes all the difference. If you’re staying here, you might want to make a memorable experience and getting a high-class ride would make all the difference.

If your luck is great at the tables, your ride should match. So suit up and grab something that says style. If your luck is not doing well, maybe you just need a fast ride to get you out of town before the collectors come calling. No matter your status and not matter your setup, we have all the transportation on the Strip listings to help you out.

So take a look at what’s available and find your best options. From rides for leisure to rides for necessity, finding transportation on the Strip is a snap with our guides. All you need to bring is your love of Vegas and your need to see it all. We’ll send you in the right direction and put you in the best possible option to get there.

FAQs about Transportation

How much is Las Vegas transportation?

Getting around Las Vegas isn’t as expensive as it may seem. Tickets for the Las Vegas Deuce bus line are between $3 and $8 for day passes, and $10 to $20 for multi-day passes.

Do Las Vegas Strip hotels provide transportation?

Yes. Some Las Vegas hotels offer shuttles to move back and forth between the Strip, downtown and the airport. El Cortez and Plaza on Fremont Street are two such hotels, and Rio Las Vegas has a convenient shuttle service,

Is there transportation on the Las Vegas Strip?

Las Vegas has a monorail on the Strip that is convenient for quick transport between the hotels on the north Strip and south Strip, in addition to other areas of Las Vegas Boulevard.