More Info about Golf Courses

Have you been hitting all the clubs in Vegas? Well maybe it’s time to break out the other clubs – the golf clubs. Whether you are a starting putter or a seasoned vet, finding golf on the Strip is an entirely new experience for everyone.

Las Vegas does everything in style so golf is no exception. For those wanting to hit the links, there are a slew of options at your disposal. The problem is that not all courses are created equal. Each one, with its own set of plusses, can differ. Maybe you need caddy service. Maybe you need cart rentals. Maybe you want to wear your loudest outfit. Whatever your golfing heart desires, there’s a course for that.

Are mini-golfing courses more your thing? Love that windmill thing? There are those too. If you want to hit the ball a million yards or even just put around a little statue of a bear on a bridge, there are no shortage of options when staying on the Las Vegas strip.

So grab your little pencil and take some notes. We have stroke around here and we know the places that will make you and the family more than happy. Break the boredom of the same old events and step onto a golf course on the Strip. It’s the best option for many and we have the best options among them.

FAQs about Golf Courses

How many golf courses are there in Las Vegas?

There are approximately 90 golf courses in Nevada, and most of the golf courses are in the city  Las Vegas. Read more about golfing in Las Vegas to grab the tee time closest to you.

Is there golf on the Strip?

The most famous golf course on the Strip is wynn Golf Club tucked behind Wynn Las Vegas. Other golf courses near the Strip are just as accessible, such as Bali Hai.

Where can I golf in Las Vegas?

If you’re not looking for a traditional golf course, KISS by Monster Mini golf at Rio Las Vegas is a fun golfing pastime, and Topgolf near MGM Grand is a classic driving range perfect for events of all kinds.