More Info about Bowling

If you want to make your strikes, you have to risk your balls. So get your fingers ready and start the walk down the alley. Bowling on the Strip is just like bowling in real life, only with that unmistakable Vegas feel.

There are plenty of bowling alleys on the Las Vegas Strip. Which one is best? Which one is open? Which one is closest to where you are staying? Those are the questions that need answers and we have set out to answer them for you. Check out our listings before you head to the alley and be sure that the bowling you do is the best possible option for the family.

Will you get a perfect game every time? No. But you will definitely find an alternative to many of the same old activities that you might be growing tired of. A good old-fashioned day of bowling on the Strip could be just what the family needs to break the monotony. So go break it and break some pins too. It’s time spare yourself from boredom and get a 300.

Grab a little pencil and jot down all the notes you need. Bowling on the Strip is open and we can send you to the best bowling lanes around.