More Info about Activities

Looking for some activities to do? We got them. The pages that follow are all about the activities on the Strip that you can partake in when in Fabulous Las Vegas.

Maybe you want to do some bowling. Good news. There’s bowling in Vegas. One of the best family activities on the Strip is widely available and those looking for a lane or two have no issues finding them among our pages.

How about arcades? One of the most fun activities on the Strip, arcades have been a staple of culture since the 80s. Today’s arcades have prizes and games unlike the strictly coin-op ones of days past. You can still find Pac Man, but there’s much more to the arcades of today.

How about gambling? Can you find that? You’re in Vegas, baby. Of course you can.

Golf courses are another aspect of the Vegas scene that is often overlooked. Not only is it one of the best activities on the Strip, but all over the country. If you want to get a few holes in, there’s sure to be a link or two for you to hit.

Karaoke, movie theaters, shows, pool, ziplines and more. There’s so many activities on the Strip that to talk about just a few seems like a disservice. We have the listings for all the best and, if you want to get the most out of your Vegas vacation, then this is where you start. We have it all.

FAQs about Activities

What is the craziest thing to do on the Strip in Las Vegas?

There are plenty of activities for thrill seekers in Las Vegas, such as zip lining on the Strip and visiting roller coasters around Las Vegas, such as the Big Apple at New York-New York.

What are some must do activities on the Strip in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is home to hundreds of activities, especially on the Strip itself. From The LINQ High Roller and its towering views to an underwater adventure at SeaQuest, the variety is unmatched.

What are some kid-friendly activities in Las Vegas?

Vegas is definitely a city geared towards adults, but kids can enjoy Las Vegas through the attractions at resorts like Flamingo Las Vegas and Circus Circus.