More Info about Roller Coasters

Roller coasters have been a part of Vegas culture since the mid 1990s. Today, finding great roller coasters on the strip doesn’t have to be a task that sends you around in circles. In fact, it’s easier than you think.

Whether the Canyon Blaster or the Big Apple, these looping rides give guests a memory to bring home and tell their friends about. No matter the attraction or the location, roller coasters on the Strip tend to take center stage in the hearts of travelers. Are you one of them? Something tells us you are. After all, you’re here reading this.

Today’s Las Vegas requires some work before booking a trip. Going into things blind can lead to missed chances and attractions that you don’t get to see. So that’s why here on On The Strip, we have made sure to compile a list of the best roller coasters on the Strip and present them to you. Check them out, read about them, and then ride them. The fun you anticipate will be the fun you experience.

Consider Vegas the world’s largest amusement park and the roller coasters it houses to be the crown jewel of the show. They exist for you, the faithful rider to enjoy. So enjoy them. Load up, step up and climb aboard.

These listings will tell you prices, locations, wait times, and more. Whether you are joining us for the first time or you are an old pro in terms of Las Vegas travel, you can rest assured that roller coasters on the Strip always cut above the rest. It’s a chance to get higher than ever with the most exhilarating city on Earth. Put them both together and there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. See for yourself. Roller coasters on the Strip are awaiting your arrival.