Soar Over the Splendor of Iceland At FlyOver in Las Vegas

Ready to experience the magic of Iceland on the Strip? Through FlyOver in Las Vegas, you can—and for a limited time, you have the chance to experience the real thing for yourself.

Sweepstakes Alert

FlyOver in Las Vegas is running a sweepstakes for two people to win a trip to Iceland.

One winner—and their lucky plus one—will receive the following:

  • two economy round-trip flights to Reykjavik;
  • four nights in a hotel in Iceland;
  • two tickets to FlyOver Iceland in the city itself;
  • two tickets to Sky Lagoon, a breathtaking thermal spa with a multistep Ritual package that encompasses aspects of Icelandic nature into one relaxing getaway.

Submissions end April 30. The winner will be announced on May 2.

A New Adventure on the Strip

FlyOver recently celebrated the grand opening of its brand-new film, and it’s set in one of the coolest places on Earth—pun intended. Using state-of-the-art technology, guests are taken through the organic wonders of Iceland, one of the most remote countries in the world. Iceland is renowned for its raw beauty and extreme terrain, and is a destination spot for travelers across the world.

This Las Vegas Strip attraction provides a birds-eye view of some of the most breathtaking vantage points in the world. It is a natural addition to the Pursuit collection.

What is FlyOver in Las Vegas?

Fans of Soarin’ Over California will love this. This location is brought to Las Vegas by the same company behind California’s beloved amusement park ride, with a few added twists.

image courtesy of FlyOver in Las Vegas by Pursuit

Authenticity is present from start to finish at this immersive experience. The team at Pursuit has tapped into the creative genius of Icelandic voiceover artists, composers, illustrators and helicopter pilots to bring the magic of their homeland to life for us to enjoy. The result is a

The pre-show is brought to FlyOver in Las Vegas by Moment Factory and features the charming Icelandic troll Su Vitra, or “The Wise One,” talking about about the magic of Iceland. She discusses the history of its nation’s peoples, as well as their connection to the nature and land as a signature facet of the country’s culture. The visuals and history set the tone for the experience, with dramatic music and spellbinding footage that is almost unreal in its beauty.

Dip and Dive into 4-D Details

If the air feels wet, the person behind you didn’t sneeze. FlyOver is realistic in its minute details, moving guests on a suspended platform like a bird flying through the air. The moisture felt is a light spritz of mist, meant to imitate the condensation of clouds in the sky, along with air gusts and smells to create an immersive setting for its riders.

FlyOver is an immersive experience that is on par with some of the movie theaters in Las Vegas.

More Attractions at FlyOver in Las Vegas

image courtesy of FlyOver in Las Vegas by Pursuit

Not to be missed, the other FlyOver experience is “The Real Wild West.” Guests can soar over the more rustic landscapes of western America, from the desert terrain to lakes and canyons. While Iceland is an international getaway, The Real Wild West is a taste of home for many.

Since the sister flight for FlyOver in Iceland is hot by nature, guests have a chance to cool off at the bar in the waiting area. While each drink is vibrant and tasty in its own right, order a “Fire of Iceland” and ask for the flame. Have your phone handy; this drink is perfect for Instagram and TikTok.

Ready To Fly?

Tickets start at $34 for adults, with a $10 discount for locals that present a valid ID. To save, bundle your purchases for The Real Wild West and Iceland experiences into one booking, for discounted rates on double the fun.

Frequently Asked Questions About FlyOver in Las Vegas

What are the hours for FlyOver in Las Vegas?

FlyOver is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Sunday. Riders are admitted every 15 minutes for their designated show times.

Where is FlyOver Las Vegas located?

This Las Vegas Strip attraction is located inside Showcase Mall. It is across the street from Park MGM and next to Hard Rock Café on the Strip.

Can I bring my kids to FlyOver in Las Vegas?

Yes. Children are allowed on FlyOver in Las Vegas, as long as they are over 40 inches tall. Both adventures are very kid-friendly and can inspire travel in the youngest of guests.

How long is FlyOver in Las Vegas?

The experience is about 25 minutes long from start to finish. It consists of a photo opportunity, a pre-show and the ride itself, which is around 15 minutes long.

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