The Best 9 Free Attractions on the Strip

No doubt about it. Things can get expensive in Las Vegas. Drinks, dinner, bottle service, resort fees. It all adds up. Fortunately, there are plenty of free attractions and things to do on the Las Vegas Strip. The following attractions on the Strip are a lot of fun, add up to a great vacation experience and don’t cost a dime. 

Attractions at Bellagio

1. The Fountains at Bellagio

It’s one of the most iconic sights on the Las Vegas Strip, featured in countless photographs, commercials and movies like “Ocean’s 11” and “The Hangover Part III.” Located on an 8-acre lake in front of the Bellagio resort, the Fountains perform regularly throughout the afternoon and evening, usually in 15 or 30-minute intervals. More than 1,200 devices shoot water streams up to 460 feet in the air, synchronized to music from Frank Sinatra, Celine Dion, the Beatles and others with more than 200 speakers surrounding the lake. 

Bellagio Las Vegas (from USD $149 )

Let the magic of Bellagio, with its conservatory, fountains and splendor, make your Las Vegas Strip an unforgettable experience.

2. Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

The Bellagio hosts seasonal floral displays in its Conservatory & Botanical Gardens underneath a 50-foot-tall atrium. Traditionally, the exhibits pay tribute to spring, summer, fall, the winter holidays and Chinese New Year. Each one is planned out months in advance with thousands of flowers, plants and trees. Admission has been limited during the pandemic, so there may be a short wait to enter. 

3. The Mirage Volcano

Crowds gather outside the Mirage between 8 and 11 p.m. nightly for a series of explosive shows at the resort’s man-made volcano. It’s a spectacle of flames, lava and sound effects with a musical backdrop composed by the Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart and Indian tabla virtuoso Kakir Hussain. The performance is far from subtle. You can hear the noise and feel the heat from the other side of Las Vegas Boulevard. 

The Mirage Las Vegas (from USD $59 )

The Mirage can house your entire group with its two-and three-bedroom suites, and will certainly dazzle your party with balcony views, spa services and beyond.

4. The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

The recognizable “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign is where the south end of the Strip unofficially comes to an end. The lights are fully solar-powered and often illuminated in special colors to coincide with holidays and other special events. Even though it’s located in the middle of the street, there is plenty of parking. Just line up and wait your turn to snap a photo.  

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign at twilight

5. Circus Acts at Circus Circus

Circus Circus lives up to its name with a full schedule of big top performances at the casino’s Carnival Midway. Enjoy the juggling routines of Yongjian and Yong Zhang, the high-flying trapeze skills of the Flying Poemas, the aerial silk choreography of Naira and many more. 

The performances are fun for all ages with a few clowns in the mix as well. If you do have money to spend, the Midway also has about 200 arcade games to keep kids busy for hours. 

Circus Circus Las Vegas (from USD $79 )

Circus Circus is a Las Vegas Strip staple that has been providing quality hospitality to locals and guests for over 50 years.

Circus Circus Las Vegas

Address: 2880 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
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6. Eiffel Tower Lights Shows

Eiffel Tower – Las Vegas

The Eiffel Tower replica at the Paris Las Vegas casino shows off a dazzling light display on the hour and every half-hour throughout the evening. The landmark sparkles, blinks and changes color with the help of 1,100 light fixtures, including 300 strobes. While only half the size of the original in France, the Las Vegas version of the Eiffel Tower is still an imposing sight on the Strip skyline, stretching 541 feet into the air. 

Paris Las Vegas (from USD $143 )

Bring the intrigue and excitement of a European vacation right to your room, at Paris Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

7. The Venetian Streetmosphere Performers

After a pause during the pandemic, “streetmosphere” performers have returned to St. Mark’s Square and other areas of the Grand Canal Shoppes. Music ranges from folk to opera, designed to match the shopping plaza’s Renaissance theme. In addition to live singers and musicians, you may see human “statues,” stilt walkers and acrobats. You’ll also hear occasional singing from the gondoliers on the canal. 

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The Venetian Resort Las Vegas (from USD $100 )

Wander through the canals and ornate Venetian Resort to create an Italian getaway, right on the Las Vegas Strip.

8. Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

The Flamingo Resort (the oldest currently operating on the Strip) is home to a 15-acre wildlife habitat that’s easy to access from the casino hallway. Guests can wander through landscaping, streams and waterfalls to see a variety of exotic birds, including flamingos, swans, cockatoos and more. See if you can spot Japanese koi fish and a variety of ducks in the water. 

Flamingo Las Vegas (from USD $35 )

The Flamingo Hotel is a property that has a long history. The name alone has become synonymous with the Las Vegas Strip.

Flamingo Las Vegas

Address: 3555 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
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9. The Atrium at the Palazzo

Bring your camera. The Waterfall Atrium at the Palazzo is one of the most photographed places on the Las Vegas Strip. A scenic indoor garden rests alongside a two-story waterfall and a ruby red metallic display of the word “LOVE” in 12-foot tall letters. There’s also an authentic, historic hand-made gondola from Venice on display. 

The Palazzo at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas (from USD $139 )

Huge, gorgeous and ready to host, The Palazzo at The Venetian Resort comes equipped with luxury suites on floors stretching high into the sky.

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