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The lifeblood of Las Vegas exists within its watering holes. We’re talking about bars on the Las Vegas Strip, which are 24-hour hubs for fun, celebration and beyond.

Bars on the Strip are suited for all types of drinkers. Enjoy the intimacy of a Michelin-star restaurant and bar with beverages to die for. To spend nights that are on trend, try the sophistication of a cocktail lounge that is reminiscent of the Gatsby era, like the Venetian’s Cocktail Collective. For rowdy nights surrounded by sports fans, head to an Irish pub or brewery to catch the big game and some brews. Point being, every kind of environment exists for drinking on the Strip, regardless of preference or even for those that don’t drink alcohol.

The beauty of Boulevard bars is that the drink options go beyond fancy and fruity cocktails. There are plenty of cheap drinks to be found, when the night demands budgeting over several hours of Strip exploring. If the call time for your night out isn’t calling, don’t forget to visit some of the liquor stores that dot the Strip

Don’t just look for barstools to find drinks on the Strip. Many activities also feature alcohol, such as ax-throwing and rides on the famous LINQ High Roller.

After reading about the litany of options, it’s safe to assume that we’ll see you at a bar somewhere on the Strip. Just be sure to save us a seat.

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FAQs about Bars

What time do bars close in Las Vegas?

Bars are open at all hours in Las Vegas. Boutique wine bars and breweries tend to close around 9 p.m. while other sports bars and late-night spots are open 24 hours.

What are some must go to bars in Las Vegas?

It depends on the type of bar, but Las Vegas has the best bars for every bar fly. Visit the Chandelier Bar at The Cosmopolitan or one of the cocktail bars in The Venetian Resort, such as Electra.

Can you smoke in bars in Las Vegas?

Not often. Like the smoking hotel rooms on the Strip, this allowance is limited to certain types of bars.