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When most people think of Las Vegas, they think about the bars and nightclubs that contribute to the city’s fame. That’s a huge draw for some, but other guests to the Strip might be looking for more laid-back activities and services to indulge in. There’s a whole other side to enjoying a Strip getaway, and it’s far away from the ruckus of the nightlife scene.

Relax to the max with some spas and health treatments on the Strip. Several of the hotels and resorts have their own signature spa facilities, complete with suites available for guests that want to maximize their spa time. What sets Strip spas apart are the services they offer, and the added layer of hospitality that accompanies the five-star treatments offered.

When visiting The Cosmopolitan, the Sahra Spa and Hammam is an Eastern take on traditional relaxation methods. The spa incorporates a traditional hammam, which is a Moroccan bath that delivers steam treatments in a gorgeous, open room. Other notable names in relaxation services such as Canyon Ranch Spa, offer a variety of selections such as Swedish deep tissue massages, prenatal massages and hot stone treatments.

If you’re hoping to bring the spa services right to your door, you’re in luck. Las Vegas resorts house suites with multiple bedrooms, which can include entire areas dedicated to in-house spa treatments. Get a massage right outside your bedroom door, or indulge in meditation in that serene environment while staying on the Strip.

More spas exist beyond the Strip. Some of the most widely recognized spas, such as Green Valley Ranch and Salt Room LV.

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FAQs about Spas

Are spas open in Las Vegas?

Definitely. Many Las Vegas spas are open again and are ready to welcome guests.

Are there any coed spas in Las Vegas?

There are several coed spas in Las Vegas. Green Valley Ranch has one of the most famous spas in the valley, and other Strip spas such as the one at ARIA Las Vegas let both men and women relax in the same areas.

How much are spa treatments in Las Vegas?

Spas are one of the most relaxing activities to do in Las Vegas, and prices start in the low double digits and go into hundreds of dollars.