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Start Earning With a Brand New Rewards Program at the Mirage

Some vacationers are here to party till the sun comes up over Las Vegas Boulevard. If you’re not one of them, The Mirage casino and hotel may be just your speed.

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Earn MGM Rewards at The Mirage

You can leave the crowds and commotion behind and escape to a tropical oasis in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. Feel your stress melt away when you gaze at the 20,000 gallon saltwater aquarium behind the front desk. In addition to reducing stress, watching fish lowers blood pressure and decreases heart rate. 

MGM Rewards Replaces Mlife

Earning rewards should be stress free, so it’s important to know about the new loyalty program that has replaced Mlife at the Mirage and other MGM properties. MGM Rewards officially launched Feb. 1, 2022, and offers more ways to earn and redeem rewards, as well as added perks for low to mid-tier status members. A popular change to the Gold Tier is the addition of comped resort fees.

Earn on Non-Gaming Activities

Under Mlife, $1 bought 25 Tier Credits. Now, players earn four Tier Credits for every $1 spent on non-gaming activities. That means a player would have to spend more than $18,000 to achieve gold status. Unlike before, however, you’ll enjoy no resort fees at gold and above. 

Earn for Hotel Stay, Dining and Entertainment

Whether you’re staying in a resort king or a three bedroom villa, start earning Tier Credits and Rewards Points when you reserve your room at The Mirage. Continue to rack up rewards when you dine at restaurants like Costa, Diablo’s Cantina and Tom Colicchio’s Heritage Steak. Lounges including The Lobby Bar at The Mirage and the Center Bar in the casino also take part in MGM Rewards. 

Entertainment is included in the points program and The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil has wowed critics and guests for years. If comedy is your thing, Tom Segura and other famous comedians appear at Aces of Comedy in constant rotation.

Relax and Earn

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Tops are optional at the adults-only Bare Pool Lounge at the Mirage. Earn rewards when you order food and drinks served poolside, or sit down to eat at Paradise Cafe. The outdoor cafe is closed for the season. Also closed temporarily, the Bare Pool Lounge is scheduled to reopen May 27, 2022. Don’t miss the waterfalls and lush greenery that transform the main pool into a tropical paradise. A tiki-style bar by the pool serves drinks and snacks and is included in the rewards program.

Keep collecting rewards at The Spa when you unwind with a massage or body treatment, or visit one of the meditation rooms to quiet your mind. Whether you need a whole new look or just a mani-pedi, the glam squad at The Mirage Salon has you covered. If it’s a simple men’s haircut you’re after, you’re in luck as The Salon has a two-station barbershop.

Accumulate Points in the Casino

Play slots and video poker to earn Tier Credits, MGM Rewards Points and Slot Dollars, which can be exchanged for Freeplay. Earn Tier Credits and MGM Rewards Points playing one of the many table games on the more than 100,000 square foot casino floor. Rewards are calculated based on game type, average bet and length of play. Are sports your thing? Collect Tier Credits when you place a wager at the sportsbook at the Mirage or on the BetMGM app. 

How Rewards are Calculated

In the long run, the house keeps a piece of every dollar a gambler puts at risk in a casino. That’s why employees at Las Vegas casinos are happy to offer rewards to loyal gamblers. Comps are based on the average dollar amount a player is expected to lose each day, known as average daily theoretical or ADT. It’s unrelated to how much you actually win or lose. 

To calculate your ADT, the pit boss observes your play. He records how much you cash in and out for, how long you stay at the table, what games you play and what size you bet. Typically, an average bet of $25 per hand is required to have your play rated at a Las Vegas Strip casino. In the end, the casino comes up with a dollar figure representing how much it expects you to lose each day, and comps you around 20 to 30% of that amount.

Comps and Promotions

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How to get More Comps

Playing slots or video poker is the fastest way to earn MGM Rewards Points. You can’t get points without a players card, but there are still times it’s best not to use one—primarily, when you don’t plan to gamble long or invest much money. Pretend you put $1000 into play on Saturday, then in a rush to catch your flight the next day, you can’t resist tapping the spin button a few more times. Do that and the high rating you earned Saturday will plummet. In situations like this, go ahead and play Sunday. Just don’t use your players card.

It may take some of the fun out of gambling, but you’ll earn the most comps by draining your entire bankroll for the trip in one day at one casino. Gambling $600 on the same day earns a player a higher rating and more comps than betting $200 in chips each day for three days.

Back-End Comps

Hotel and casino guests who gamble frequently can request comps, and sometimes they will be granted. Charge everything to your room and before checkout, go to the rewards desk and ask to speak to a casino host. Ask him to review your play and see if he can remove any charges.

Always Take Advantage of Promotions

Start earning 2x Tier Credits during The MGM Rewards 2x multiplier promotion running February 1st to April 30, 2022.  It’s good on all casino gaming, as well as hotel, food and spa spend. The Mirage periodically runs multiplier events. Play only on promotion days if your schedule is flexible.

Inquire About a Casino Host

Think of your casino host as you would a concierge at a hotel. A host will remember what you like and get you the best comps to suit your wants and needs. This includes upgraded rooms, limo rides to and from the airport and show tickets. Big betters are often pursued by casino hosts. If that hasn’t happened, a guest can ask the rewards desk to check his play to see if he qualifies.

Line of Credit

It’s common for casinos like The Mirage to offer players a line of credit, giving them the freedom to gamble without carrying cash or being limited by the constraints of daily ATM limits and fees. The minimum amount that can be requested at The Mirage is $2500. If approved, the casino gives the player a marker that can be traded to the dealer for chips. Typically, a player has 30 days to pay off a marker, although casinos usually prefer you settle up before check-out.

How do I Spend my Rewards Credits?

Redeem MGM Rewards Points for hotel stays, food, beverages, entertainment, spa treatments and more in any of over 20 MGM Resorts destinations in the United States. Slot Dollars can be redeemed for Freeplay in the casino. 

Protect your Rewards Credits

MGM Rewards members must use their players card at least once every six months or lose their Rewards Points. There’s no minimum amount you have to spend to remain active. All it takes is one spin the reels or a quick bite at the food court at any MGM property in the United States. Members do, however, have to start over every year when it comes to accumulating Tier Credits, which reset to zero each January.

Reward Tiers

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Types of Rewards

The program offers several types of rewards. Tier Credit establishes your player status at the resort as Sapphire, Pearl, Gold, Platinum or Noir. Rewards Points work like cash at hotels, restaurants, spas and shows. Additionally, you may get a free room, buffet or other offer by mail or email. Accepting it has no impact on your Rewards Points balance.  

Sapphire – up to 19,999 Tier Credits

Guests automatically achieve Sapphire Tier status when they sign up for a players card. All tiers include personalized offers and room discounts.

Pearl – 20,000 Tier Credits

Pearl Tier members are given a dedicated line at participating buffets, a 10% bonus on points earned playing slots and complimentary concert tickets.

Gold – 75,000 Tier Credits

For the first time, Gold Tier status comes with waived resort fees. Members also earn a 20% bonus on points earned playing slots. Other benefits include a priority hotel check-in line, complimentary room upgrades, 4 p.m. late checkout when available and a $100 tier achievement dinner.

Platinum – 200,000 Tier Credits

Platinum comes with all of the above, plus a $600 airfare credit, $200 tier achievement dinner and 30% bonus on points earned playing slots. The second tier to the top also comes with priority access to valet and taxi service and a complimentary cruise.

NOIR – By invitation only

This prestigious level allows the chosen few to indulge in all the perks of the other tiers plus collect a 40% bonus on points earned playing slots. Benefits include up to a $1200 airfare credit, a $500 tier achievement dinner and free limo rides to and from the airport.

Games at The Mirage Casino

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Video Poker

Do millions of loyal video poker players know something the rest of us don’t?

A great game to play for comps, video poker has some of the best odds in the casino. The house edge is less than 3%, and it’s still possible to find machines in Vegas with no house edge. It’s not unusual for a player to lose in the  casino and still come out on top by including comps in the equation. 

All video poker machines display their pay tables. If you’re playing Jacks or Better, look for a machine that pays 9x your bet for a full house and 6x for a flush. When you find one, put your money in, press “deal”, and five cards will be dealt face-up on the screen. The player has the option to hold or discard any or all of his cards. They select the best ones to hold and hit the “deal” button. The rest of the cards are taken away and new ones appear in their place. The five cards on the screen make up the player’s final poker hand. Winners are paid based on how high up their hands are on the pay table. 


It’s not possible to win on slot machines in the long run. So why do people play, even the ones that know they can’t win?

Unlike any other game on the casino floor, slots offer the chance to win life-changing money while betting less than a dollar. The likelihood of winning a jackpot of $1 million or more on a slot machine is 60 million to one. The Nevada Megabucks progressive jackpot is worth more than $10 million. The minimum bet to qualify for the progressive is three coins per spin. They’re all dollar machines, so the minimum bet on a Megabucks slot is $3 a spin.

High-Limit Slots

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Play no-limit baccarat and blackjack at the exclusive High-Limit Lounge at The Mirage. Along with gaming tables, the lounge features a bar where customers can play video poker. The stylish lounge is made up of three semi-private gaming areas with a private restroom. When you pass the rewards desk, you’ll see it on your right. Nearby, the maximum bet is $1,000 per spin at the High-Limit Slot area. 


To win a hand of blackjack, come closer to 21 than the dealer without busting. The players and the dealer each start with two cards. The player’s cards are face-up in 6-deck and above. The dealer’s first card is dealt face down and his second is exposed to the table. The player decides what his first move will be, taking his own hand and the dealer’s up card into consideration. He can hit when the player thinks an additional card will improve the hand. When the player is satisfied with their cards, standing is the correct decision.

A player who feels confident in their hand can double down, putting out a second bet and taking one more card. A player who is dealt two equal cards can bet again and signal the dealer to split them into two separate hands. The dealer adds one additional card to each, then depending on the rules of the table, the player can hit, double down or resplit.

Some blackjack tables allow a player to surrender, which means forfeiting the hand in exchange for half of their bet back. According to basic strategy, a player should always surrender 16 vs. a dealer 9 – ace. You can find basic strategy charts online and in casino gift shops.  


European, or single-zero roulette, has far better odds for the player than the double and triple-zero versions. In many Las Vegas casinos, no alternative to double and triple-zero games exist, but The Mirage has European Roulette.

The house edge at a European Roulette table is 2.7%, as opposed to a 5.26% house edge at a double-zero game. Triple-zero roulette is the worst offender with a 7.69% house edge. The odds are best in European Roulette because the wheel has the fewest number of pockets. The European Wheel has 37 pockets, compared to 38 and 39 for double and triple-zero wheels. Payouts are the same on all wheels, and a straight bet, called a single-number bet, pays 35:1. With less than a 3% chance of success, place a $10 straight bet and the dealer will give you back your original wager and another $350 when the ball lands on your number.  


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Craps players ask themselves one question when reaching for chips: “am I with the shooter or against them?” Around 90% of players come down on the side of the shooter and bet the Pass Line. The rest take the opposite position and bet the Don’t Pass Line. The shooter wins even money on his first roll of the dice, called the Come Out Roll, if they land on seven or 11, called a natural.

All of their table mates who bet the Pass Line win as well, but not those who bet the Don’t Pass Line. However, if the shooter rolls a two, three or 12, the Pass Line players lose. Players who bet the Don’t Pass Line win on a two or three, and push on a 12. When the shooter rolls four, five, six, eight, nine or 10, that becomes their Come Out Point. They win by rolling their point again before rolling a seven.


With almost nothing to go on, a baccarat player can only guess who will win the next hand. Fortunately, that’s all that’s required of them. They make a bet on the player, the banker or a tie. Two cards are dealt face up to the players and the banker. If either draws an eight or a nine, nine being the best hand in baccarat, the player wins and no more cards are drawn. If they’re both dealt eight or nine, it’s a tie.

Draw any number other than eight or nine and the banker consults a rule book to dictate the player’s next move. Tens and face cards are worth zero and aces have a value of one. If a player’s cards add up to a two-digit number, only the second number is counted. The casino has a 1.06% advantage when you bet on the banker, but the player pays a 5% commission. The house edge on the player is 1.24%. The house has an insurmountable 14.36% advantage when you bet on a tie. 

Pai Gow Poker

The hand starts when the players make their ante bets and the banker deals them and himself seven cards each. The cards are broken down into two-card poker hands and five-card hands. The five-card hand must out-rank the two-card hand which can only consist of high cards or a pair. It takes two hands that beat both the banker’s to win even money at Pai Gow Poker. A slow-paced game, more than 40% of Pai Gow Poker hands end in a push, stretching your bankroll further than almost any other casino game. The house edge at Pai Gow Poker is 2.72%. 

Traditional poker hand rankings are used to determine winners, with a few exceptions—most notably the royal flush. Always at the top of the rankings, it’s the second best hand in this poker-based game. A Pai Gow Poker deck has 53 cards, including a joker that can be used as an ace or to complete a straight or flush. Four aces and a joker make five of a kind, the top ranking hand in the game. An ace – five straight, called a wheel, moves up in the rankings. The lowest straight in Texas Hold’em is the second highest in Pai Gow Poker, only behind 10 – ace. 

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Let it Ride

A player makes three equal wagers right off the bat in Let it Ride, with the opportunity to take up to two bets back when he looks at his cards.

The players are each dealt three cards face down. Two community cards that can be used by any player to improve the strength of his hand are laid face down in front of the dealer. The only hand of consequence in Let it Ride is yours. You’re not competing with the dealer or the other players over who has the best hand. You’re paid based on the strength of your hand.

After seeing his cards, a player has the option to Pull Back his first bet, or play his hand and Let it Ride. Once he makes his move, the dealer turns over the first community card. The player then decides between playing the hand and getting his second bet back. The dealer unveils the second community card, but the third bet stays on the table. The hand proceeds to showdown, and the dealer reveals each player’s final five-card poker hand. It takes 10’s or better to win a hand of Let it Ride.

Three-Card Poker

The object of Three-Card Poker is to make a hand that ranks higher than the dealer’s using only three cards. Before any cards are dealt, the player places an ante wager, with the option to place a pair plus side bet. The dealer deals three cards face down to himself and each player. Should a player opt to fold, the hand ends and he loses his ante bet and pair plus bet if one was made. If a player wants to take the hand to showdown, he can make another wager, the same size as the ante wager, called a play bet.

When a bet’s been placed, the dealer turns over the cards and compares hands. The dealer needs queen high or better to qualify. Otherwise, the player wins even money on his ante bet and his play bet is returned. He wins even money on both bets when his hand is superior, and loses both when the dealer’s hand outranks his. The hand ends in a push when the player and dealer tie. The probability of possible outcomes is a win at 44.91%, a push at 0.06% and a loss at 55.03%. 

Crazy “4” Poker

The Mirage has a large selection of popular table games. Certain ones, such as Crazy “4” Poker, can’t be found in just any casino.

The object of the game is to make a higher ranking four-card poker hand than the dealer. It takes four cards, instead of five, to complete a straight or flush in Crazy “4” Poker. The player gets the ball rolling by placing two equal bets on the Ante and Super Bonus, which pays a straight or better. The player looks at the five cards in his hand and either folds and forfeits the bets or, if holding a pair of aces or better, raises and makes a Play bet up to 3x the ante. Anything less than aces and the Play bet is limited to the size of the Ante. Once a Play bet is made, the dealer turns their cards over and compares hands to identify a winner. 

The player is paid even money on their Ante bet and his Play bet is returned when the dealer doesn’t have king high or better. The player is paid even money on both bets when their four-card poker hand outranks the dealer’s hand. The hand ends in a push when the player and dealer tie. The player loses his Ante and Play bets when the dealer has the better hand. The Super Bonus wager is paid when the player gets a straight even if the dealer has a higher straight. The hand is a push if the player has less than a straight, but beats or ties with the dealer. The house has a 3.42% edge in Crazy “4” Poker.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em

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Timing matters in Ultimate Texas Hold’em because each time a community card is turned over, the amount a player can bet is reduced. To begin the hand, each player makes two equal bets on the Ante and Blind, and an optional third bet on Trips, that pays out on three of a kind. Players are required to make one additional wager, called a Play bet, or fold by the time the last community card is revealed. The players and the dealer are each dealt two cards face down. After looking at his hand, a player can check and see the next card or make a bet 3x or 4x the size of his Ante bet. Three community cards are revealed that can be shared between the players and the dealer.

Players are only allowed one Play bet, so checking is the only option for those who bet on the first round. It’s a second opportunity for players who checked the last card to make a wager worth 2x the Ante. The final two community cards are revealed and players examine their hands. Those who haven’t made a Play wager must bet 1x the Ante or fold and forfeit their bets.

When all Play bets are made, the dealer turns over their cards and compares hands. The dealer needs at least a pair to qualify, otherwise the player wins even money on his Play bet and his Ante bet is returned. When the player has the best five-card poker hand, they are paid even money on Ante and Play bets, and their Blind bet pays out according to the strength of the hand. A player needs a straight or better to win the Blind bet. When the dealer’s hand beats the player’s, the dealer loses all three bets. The Blind bet is a push when the player beats the dealer with less than a straight. Ultimate Texas Hold’em has a 2.185% house edge.

Mississippi Stud

Unlike Texas Hold’em, Mississippi Stud is a single player game. Make a pair of jacks or better and win, regardless of what anyone else at the table is holding. Play starts when each player makes an ante bet. They’re dealt two cards face down, and three community cards are placed face down on the table. The dealer doesn’t get cards in Mississippi Stud. 

Once they review their hands, players have two options: check and see the first community card, or make a “3rd Street” bet one to three times the size of the ante. The dealer turns over the first card and the player can fold or make the same bet as before, called “4th Street” this time. The next community card is revealed and the player can fold or make a “5th Street” bet 1x to 3x the ante. When the final community card is turned over, the player’s hands are evaluated and paid according to rank.


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Watch sports and horse racing on 85’ HD projection screens at BetMGM Sportsbook at The Mirage. It has seating for more than 250 people, including a luxury box available by reservation. The seats typically fill up fast during major sporting events, so it’s best to show up early. There’s also a bar inside the sportsbook that serves food and drinks.

Visit The Mirage Casino

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Mirage Sells to Hard Rock

Plenty of things stand out on the Las Vegas Strip, but the new guitar-shaped Hard Rock hotel is sure to draw attention. In December 2021, MGM Resorts International announced plans to sell the operations of The Mirage Hotel and Casino to Hard Rock International for $1.075 billion. The sale is for the operations alone because MGM Resorts International does not own the underlying real estate. Hard Rock plans to add a new tower, overhaul the 77-acre site and gut and remodel all the rooms. As an ambitious project, the full scope of work is expected to take up to three years to complete. 

The Mirage Volcano

Millions visit active volcanoes each year, and the only one most people have seen in person is in front of The Mirage. Exploding nightly for more than 30 years, the volcano will be removed in the renovation. At the present time, the 90-foot volcano fires on the hour from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. 

Frequently Asked Questions About The Mirage Casino

Can you smoke inside The Mirage casino?

The casino does allow smoking in certain areas. Check out more smoking hotels in Las Vegas on the Strip.

Where is The Mirage casino on the Strip?

The Mirage is located in the middle of the Strip, and sits close to Caesars Palace and Best Western Plus Casino Royale.

Does The Mirage have a casino?

Yes. The Mirage has a fun, friendly casino located on the property. Read more about The Mirage Las Vegas to familiarize yourself with the hotel and its offerings.

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