More Info about Dining

The Strip can accommodate dining preferences for literally every palate. Choose from breakfast buffets that are world-renowned to grab-and-go meals that are perfect for starting your day of activities on the Strip. Cheap lunch options, fun snacks and drinks are part of the journey. Plus, many hotels and resorts have food courts, for large groups or families that can’t decide on just one place to eat.

Let the party continue with the food. Holstein’s inside The Cosmopolitan has huge milkshakes that delight kids and adults alike. Bachelor and bachelorette parties can stop by one of the several Fat Tuesday locations for a sugary libation to fuel them through their escapades. Plus, everyone enjoys pizza, and there are dozens of restaurants offering pizza in the four-mile stretch of the Strip that deliver—pun somewhat intended.

The upscale restaurants in Vegas are not ones to skip out on the superlatives. MGM Grand currently houses the highest number of Michelin-star restaurants in the world. Triple-digit entrees and quadruple-digit wine lists are just the start of the culinary adventures guests embark on. Dinner shows, tableside preparation and tasting menus that can’t be found anywhere else are part of the daily delights. Just be sure to make a reservation before arriving.

The food scene in Las Vegas is one of its most prominent features, and every guest can find their new favorite dishes, desserts and drinks on the Strip.We pride ourselves on our accurate information. If you have any additional details regarding dining on the Strip, email us at

FAQs about Dining

How many restaurants are on the Strip?

With many resorts having dozens of restaurants and other stand-alone locations  such as Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen, there are a few hundred restaurants on the Strip alone.

How many Michelin-star restaurants are in Las Vegas?

There are currently ten Michelin-star restaurants in Las Vegas. MGM Grand houses the most Michelin star restaurants on the Strip.

What food is the Strip known for?

The Strip is known for several types of cuisine, such as award-winning seafood and various cheap eats, as well as some of the best steakhouses.