The Best 9 Bakeries on the Strip

In the hierarchy of bakeries, France takes the cake (pun intended) for the best desserts and pastries on the planet. Luckily, the Las Vegas Strip has brought some of the finest treats to its hotels and casinos, so locals and tourists can sample an array of goodies from across the pond. Indulge in our top 9 bakeries on the Strip, and save a cookie for us!

Domestic Delights

Here in the USA, we’ve followed in our European predecessors to pave the way in the culinary scene. The bakeries will have you returning time and time again.

1. Milk Bar Las Vegas at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Struggling to find bakeries in Las Vegas on the Strip that have gluten-free options? Look no further!

A concept introduced by Christina Tosi, Milk Bar Las Vegas is an American-style bakery that’s constantly dreaming up new creations. From cake truffles to ice cream and even seasonal pies, even the picky dessert lovers will find something to enjoy.

If you want to enjoy Tosi’s treats with your kids after they’re gone, take home a copy of her book Every Cake Has A Story.

Milk Bar Las Vegas | Image courtesy of

2. Honolulu Cookie Company at Caesars Palace

This tropical dessert empire stems right from the Hawai’ian Islands. Honolulu Cookie Company has spread to the contiguous US, with the Linq Promenade location as one of the inaugural spots outside of the islands. Known for their original shortbread recipe, their signature pineapple-shaped cookies come in a multitude of tropical shortbread cookie flavors, as well as some conventional delights. We highly recommend sampling a dark chocolate peppermint macadamia for the holiday season!

Honolulu Cookie Company | Caesars Palace

A Parisian Plethora

You don’t have to jet-set to Paris to sample their best bakery treats. These on the Strip patisseries will send you right to the Champs-Elysses.

3. Bellagio Patisserie at Bellagio Las Vegas

As the grandest of them all, this “sweet wonderland” is all about elegance. The Bellagio Patisserie features every treat under the sun, complete with pillowy cream puffs and dark, inviting opera cakes. Be delighted by the glinting chandeliers and glassware as you select a dessert that is given the same preferential treatment as a jewelry outfitter.

Bellagio Patisserie | The Bellagio

4. ARIA Patisserie at ARIA Resort & Casino

Not to be upstaged, the ARIA Patisserie is available for in-room hotel delivery 24 hours a day. Everything from custom cakes to fresh juices is ready for enjoyment. Not all baked goods have to carry sweetness, so the ARIA’s menu features staple French breakfasts such as omelets, crepes, and salads.

For Christmas fanatics, this is where head chef Mathieu Lavalle and his pastry chefs built an impressive giant gingerbread house for the holiday season. Stop by this season to see if it will be replicated!

Gingerbread House | ARIA

5. JJ’s Boulangerie at Paris Las Vegas

One trademark of French eateries is the wicker chairs sitting out front, inviting the next wave of patrons to sit down and relax with a coffee and pastry. JJ’s offers the very same experience to the Las Vegas Strip walking population. Sit down with a light sandwich to stave off hunger while you stroll to the next hotel, or take in the rare quiet of the early morning with fresh espresso. 

Enjoy a bakery at The Venetian Resort

6. Le Macaron French Pastries

This roundup of bakeries wouldn’t be complete with France’s most famous dessert cookie (not to be confused with coconut macaroons.) Le Macaron’s stall is located along the picturesque indoor canals of The Venetian. They specialize in gorgeous desserts that fit into the palm of your hand, and pride themselves on their high-quality ingredients.

Looking to enjoy these tiny treats in your hotel room? Le Macaron has takeaway gift boxes in various sizes for all of your snacking needs. Plus, at 80 calories each, there is little guilt attached to each cookie.

Le Macaron | Image courtesy of @lemacaronfrenchpastries

7. Bouchon Bakery

The Thomas Keller Restaurant Group has bestowed Bouchon Bakery onto the world, where simplicity is key. Not to be confused with Bouchon Bistro, which is also located in the Venetian, the bakery features “elevated classics” such as croissants, eclairs and baguettes made with care.

Bouchon Bakery | The Venetian

Bouchon pays homage to the term, which refers to a certain type of French cuisine hailing from Lyon. To recreate the experience at home, order Thomas Keller’s book. 

Other International Inspirations

Everyone’s invited to this pastry potluck! Don’t miss out on these favorites, whether world-renowned or hidden gem.

8. Carlo’s Bakery at The Venetian Resort

Who doesn’t love a good cannoli or dish of tiramisu? Perhaps you prefer a biscotti to accompany your coffee, or a sfogliatella to nosh on at literally any time.

Carlo’s is the number one bakery for Italian decadences on the Strip. It may be owned and operated by Cake Boss legend Buddy Valastro (Buddy V) but the history of these decadent desserts spans back over 100 years. Now, the marriage of his bakery with his self-named Italian ristorante is nestled in the Venetian’s Grand Canal Shoppes. 

Now is the perfect time to snag a slice of their famous rainbow cake – it might even come straight from a vending machine!

Rainbow cake | Carlo’s Bakery

9. Golden Puffs at Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino [CLOSED]

Everybody loves doughnuts. Chances are, everyone that has tried traditional Greek loukoumades loves them, too.

Golden Puffs has a singular specialty, and it’s their light, fluffy doughnut holes. Choose from a wide range of toppings, such as Nutella or cookie crumbles, and enjoy an authentic taste of Greek street food. For an added sugar kick, make it a sundae with ice cream and sprinkles!

Fair warning: the location is tucked away in the Grand Bazaar Shops, so pull up a map or walking directions when you’re on the hunt for the location.

Ready for more? Check out some of the best bakeries off the Strip.

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