More Info about Karaoke

For 15 minutes, we’re all stars. With karaoke on the Strip, you can relive those 15 minutes over and over again.

The art of karaoke has a disputed origin. Arguments exist over who invented the name karaoke. Some claim it was invented by Japanese musician Daisuke Inoue in Kobe, Japan, back in 1971. It became big in the 80s and spread throughout the region. The story goes that Daisuke first introduced the concept when his clients requested it. Was this what happened? No one is fully sure, but one thing is certain. People are requesting it today.

Finding a great karaoke bar in Vegas is huge because, just like Las Vegas, the art of being a star is something synonymous with our city. We watch singers and performers every day. So, finding yourself belting out a tune with karaoke on the Strip is something that every visitor should look to do. For one night at one time, you can be Las Vegas star. Sinatra would be proud.

Good karaoke is an art form, so discovering the right bar for the right hits is imperative. Looking through our listings should give you a chance to find the right one for your mood. Bring your friends, grab a mic, and make some history.

Activities like karaoke are part of an amazing vacation and add to a varied experience while out in Fabulous Las Vegas. Hit up some karaoke on the Strip. You won’t be let down and, who knows, you might stay behind when the family heads back. A star is born.