13 Secrets and Tips About Ross on the Strip

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Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world and has Strip shopping that would make the savviest shopper drool. Whether you’re looking for cheap options to replace pants that got a spill on them, or if you’re looking for a cute gift for your co-worker that you got from Vegas, you can find that little something extra at Ross on the Strip.

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There are two locations of Ross: Dress for Less on Las Vegas Boulevard:

Ross in Silver City Plaza

3001 Las Vegas Blvd

This is a standalone brick and mortar location.

Ross inside Jouvence Eternelle

3771 Las Vegas Blvd

You can’t miss this one with the Coke bottle and huge bag of M&m’s on the outside. 

Sometimes, you just don’t want to go to a crowded mall when you are trying to get in and out. Other times, you just need a familiar store to grab the essentials. Maybe the worst happened and the airline lost your bag. You need a cheap bargain, and easy convenience while staying on the Strip. There’s no place better than Ross to satisfy your needs. 

13 Tips and Tricks About Ross on the Strip

1. They Sell Luggage

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Did you win big and go on a shopping spree? Did the World’s Largest Souvenir Shop just have too many options for your trip? Too much swag from the conventions? Walk over and find your next take home piece at a fraction of the cost that you might find at the Fashion Show Mall or the Forum Shops at Caesars.

2. Any Day of the Week Is Cause for Celebration

Taco Tuesday, Fast Food Fridays, or just another day in paradise, there’s a cause for you to get your sugar rush on. Ross remains walking distance from some of the fast cuisine you need to sustain you all night and day. Tacos El Pastor and Tacos el Gordo provide great tacos to set a base coat down and give you energy to shop all the wonderful items at great value. 

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3. Ross Is Owned by the Same Company as D.D’s Discount Stores

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This is another chain that you can find not only in Las Vegas, but in other states across the country. 

4. They Sell Home Goods

You can find the home decor of your dreams for a fraction of the price at Ross. Don’t just bring home money as your only conquest from the Strip. Find that missing piece that your home has been needing. 

5. Ross Is Near the Las Vegas Convention Center

Ross is within walking distance to the Las Vegas Convention Center’s newest West Hall. If you spill some coffee on your shirt or rip your pants, you can be sure that Ross can cover your mess without breaking the bank.

6. Thrill-Seekers Are Welcome

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They should be too, considering they share a parking lot with Vegas Indoor Skydiving. Don’t worry, even if you aren’t a thrill-seeker, you can find a fresh change of clothes at Ross. 

7. Ross Is Steps Away From Bagelmania

If you are looking for an East Coast deli experience like no other, come on down. You will find cream cheese-smothered carbohydrates, or sweet treats to power you up for that marathon of shopping you are sure to do.

8. Clowns and Their Guests Are Welcome

With Circus Circus walking distance from Ross, you never know what characters you will see meandering around. Maybe you’ll run into a celebrity while you’re there.

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9. There’s History at Their Back Door

No, really. The Peppermill Restaurant and Fireside Lounge is located right behind the front entrance of Ross, and right next door if you’re driving down Las Vegas Boulevard. Looking for old-world charm and an exquisite meal? Grab a cocktail dress, snazzy suit at Ross and start your night on the town in the right shoes. 

10. Stores Are Open Daily at 8 a.m.

Las Vegas is a 24-hour town, and Ross is no exception. Get there bright and early for the best deals. 

11. Night Owls are Encouraged

Ross on the Las Vegas Strip closes Sunday through Thursday at 11 p.m. and Friday and Saturday at midnight, so you don’t have to worry about getting caught with show tickets and looking out of place. 

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12. Parking Is Free

When a convention is going on, you may have to prove that you are shopping in the store, but when you can Dress For Less, it won’t be a problem. Their amazing deals will ensure that your parking situation is taken care of. 

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13. They’re Hiring

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Whether Lady Luck leaves you high and dry at the tables, or if you’re looking for an exciting new environment and career, you can apply at Ross to be part of their elite team of helpful service associates. Become one of the elite and you can be sure that you will make more than Nevada’s minimum wage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ross on the Strip

What time does Ross on the Strip open?

The Ross locations on the Strip open at either 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. depending on the store, making it easy to go shopping in Las Vegas at any time during the day.

Is there Ross on the Strip?

Yes. There is a Ross on the Strip located near MGM Grand, as well as several locations near the Strip and throughout Vegas valley.

Does Ross on the Strip have bathing suits?

Ross locations in Vegas have all of your clothing needs. Source all of your swimwear needs for the Las Vegas pools at Ross on the Strip.

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