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The New Loyalty Program at Excalibur: How To Make the Most of It

Mlife is out at the Excalibur casino, replaced by MGM Rewards. The switch happened on Feb. 1, 2022, and for the first time, Gold Tier members are getting their resort fees waived. The new loyalty program has some attractive features for low to mid-tier status members, and is expanding the ways they can earn and redeem rewards. The challenge is, members get fewer Tier Credits per dollar than under Mlife.

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How to Earn MGM Rewards Points at Excalibur

Earn on Non-Gaming Activities

Under Mlife, $1 was worth 25 Tier Credits. Now, guests earn four Tier Credits for every $1 spent on non-gaming activities. That means you would have to spend more than $18,000 to attain gold status. Unlike before, however, you’ll enjoy no resort fees at gold and above.

Types of Rewards

The program offers several types of rewards. Tier Credit establishes your player status at the resort as Sapphire, Pearl, Gold, Platinum and Noir. Rewards Points work like cash at hotels, restaurants, spas and shows. Additionally, you may get a free room or other offer by mail or email. Accepting it has no impact on your Rewards Points balance.  

Earn for Hotel Stay, Drinking, Dining and Shows

Book your stay in a resort king or splurge on a royal luxury suite and start earning one Tier Credit and one Rewards Point for every dollar spent. Continue to rack up the rewards at bars and over meals at restaurants like Camelot Steakhouse, Vagabond and Dick’s Last Resort, a restaurant known for its staff’s obnoxious behavior. Keep earning when you see crowd pleasers Thunder From Down Under, The Australian Bee Gees Show and Tournament of Kings dinner show.

Excalibur Las Vegas (from USD $35 )

Excalibur opened in 1990, and this expansive resort covering over 70 acres contains delightful rooms, restaurants, shops and high-quality entertainment for all ages.

Relax and Earn

With four pools and a waterslide, Excalibur’s pool area is a blast for families, but a 30,000 square foot deck leaves ample room for the rest of us to relax in peace. Consider ordering a drink at one of two bars, or eating poolside at the Drenched Bar & Grill. Want to completely unwind? Overlooking the pool area, The Spa at Excalibur offers several styles of massage therapy performed in 11 treatment rooms. Earn one of each type of credit for every $1 spent at the pool and the spa.

Accumulate Points in the Casino

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Play slots and video poker to earn Tier Credits, MGM Rewards Points and Slot Dollars, which can be exchanged for Freeplay in the casino. Now, earn Tier Credits and MGM Rewards Points on table games in Excalibur’s approximately 100,00 square foot casino. Rewards will be calculated based on game type, average bet and length of play. 

Are sports your thing? Collect Tier Credits when you place a wager at the BetMGM Sportsbook at Excalibur or on the BetMGM app.

How Rewards are Calculated

In the long run, the house keeps a piece of every dollar a gambler puts at risk in a casino. That’s why employees at Las Vegas casinos are happy to offer rewards to loyal gamblers. Comps are based on the average dollar amount a player is expected to lose each day, known as average daily theoretical or ADT. It’s unrelated to how much you actually win or lose. 

To calculate your ADT at a table game, the pit boss observes your play. ADT is determined by the type of game you’re playing, your average bet and how long you stay at the table. In the end, the casino comes up with a dollar figure representing how much it expects you to lose each day, and comps you around 20% to 30%  of that amount.

Comps and Promotions

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How to get More Comps

Playing slots or video poker is the fastest way to earn MGM Rewards Points. You can’t get points without a player’s card, but there are still times it’s best not to use one. Primarily, when you don’t plan to gamble long or invest much money. Pretend you put $1000 into play on Saturday, then in a rush to catch your flight the next day, you can’t resist tapping the spin button a few more times. Do that and the high rating you earned on Saturday will plummet. In situations like this, go ahead and play Sunday, just don’t use your players card.

It may take some of the fun out of gambling, but you’ll earn the most comps by draining your entire bankroll for the trip in one day at one casino. Gambling $600 on the same day earns a player a higher rating and more comps than betting $200 in chips each day for three days.

Back-End Comps

Hotel and casino guests who gamble frequently can request comps, and sometimes they will be granted. Charge everything to your room and before checkout, go to the rewards desk and ask to speak to a casino host. Ask him to review your play and see if he can remove any of your charges.

Always Take Advantage of Promotions

Earn double the Tier Credits during MGM Reward’s 2x multiplier promotion. It started Feb 1 and will run through April 30, 2022. The promotion covers gaming, as well as spending in the hotel, restaurants and at the spa. Excalibur periodically runs multiplier events, so whenever possible gamble on a promotion day. As part of another promotion, MGM Rewards will match the tier status you’ve attained with a different loyalty program. 

Inquire About a Casino Host

Think of your casino host as you would a concierge at a hotel. A host will remember what you like and get you the best comps to suit your wants and needs. This includes things like upgraded rooms, limo rides to and from the airport and show tickets. Big betters are often pursued by casino hosts. If that hasn’t happened, a guest can ask the rewards desk to check their play to see if they qualify.

Line of Credit

Large casinos like Excalibur allow players to apply for a line of credit. This gives a player the freedom to gamble without carrying cash or being burdened by the constraints of daily ATM limits and fees. The minimum amount that can be requested at Excalibur is $2500. If approved, the casino gives you a marker that can be traded to the dealer for chips. Typically, a player has 30 days to pay off a marker, although casinos prefer you settle up before check-out.

How do I spend my Rewards Credits?

Redeem MGM Rewards Points for hotel stays, food, beverages, entertainment, spa treatments and more in any of over 20 MGM Resorts destinations in the United States. Slot Dollars can be redeemed for Freeplay in the casino. 

Protect your Rewards Credits

MGM Rewards members must use their players card at least once every six months or lose their Rewards Points. There’s no minimum amount you have to spend to remain active. All it takes is one spin of the reels or a quick bite at the food court at any MGM property in the United States. Members, however, have to start over each year when it comes to accumulating Tier Credits, which reset to zero every January.

Rewards Tiers

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Sapphire – up to 19,999 Tier Credits

Guests automatically achieve Sapphire Tier status when they sign up for a players card. All tiers include personalized offers and room discounts.

Pearl – 20,000 Tier Credits

Pearl Tier members are given a dedicated line at participating buffets, a 10% bonus on points earned playing slots and complimentary concert tickets.

Gold – 75,000 Tier Credits

Gold Tier status comes with waived resort fees. Members also earn a 20% bonus on points earned playing slots. Other benefits include a priority hotel check-in line, complimentary room upgrades, 4 p.m. late checkout when available and a $100 tier achievement dinner.

Platinum – 200,000 Tier Credits

Platinum comes with all of the above, plus a $600 airfare credit, $200 tier achievement dinner and 30% bonus on points earned playing slots. The second tier to the top also includes priority access to valet and taxi service along with a complimentary cruise.

NOIR – By invitation only

This prestigious level allows the chosen few to indulge in all the perks of the other tiers plus collect a 40% bonus on points earned playing slots. Benefits include up to a $1200 airfare credit, a $500 tier achievement dinner and complimentary limo rides to and from the airport.

Games at Excalibur Casino

Slot Machines

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Why does it always seem to be someone else winning the massive jackpots in the casino? Slot machines are completely random so it can happen to anyone. While the odds of it happening to you are slim, every so often you might have a good feeling about a certain machine. Why not give it a few spins?

Slots are a good form of entertainment and you never know when you might get lucky. Before you pick your machine, take a few things into consideration.

Higher denomination machines have higher payback percentages, so play the highest denomination possible without breaking your budget. Progressive slots pay back less than ordinary slots. In Nevada, the average $1 slot pays back 95%. The average $1 Megabucks pays back 88%. Branded slots like Jurassic Park, Monopoly and Game of Thrones only pay back around 85% of your bet, while ordinary machines pay back about 90%.

Excalibur has more than 1,200 slot machines in denominations ranging from a penny to $100. In January 2022, one lucky player won $30,038 on a Dancing Drums $0.01 machine.

Video Poker

Video poker first gained popularity in 1979, when International Game Technology (IGT) introduced its electronic “Draw Poker” machine. More than 40 years later, video poker still has a faithful following in the casino. One reason for that is that video poker is broadly regarded as a game of skill, as opposed to slots which are completely based on chance. The biggest benefit, the house edge in video poker is extremely low.

The player has to make the best poker hand possible with the five cards on the monitor. He can hold or replace all or none of his cards. The player chooses which cards to hold and draws new ones to replace the rest. His final hand appears and the pay table reveals whether or not he’s a winner. To play your best game, pick up strategy charts at a casino gift shop, or find them online. You’re permitted to use them in the casino while you play.


Blackjack was the most popular table game in the state in 2021, according to the Nevada Gaming Control Board. It’s also the most profitable for Las Vegas casinos. Players lost nearly $1.13 billion last calendar year gambling at one of Nevada’s nearly 2,000 blackjack tables. That’s up more than 75% from the year before.

The winning hand at blackjack is the one that comes closest to totaling 21, or blackjack itself. After placing a bet, the player is dealt two cards face up in 6 Deck and above, and the dealer is dealt one card face down and one face up. The player totals his cards and prepares to act.

Basic strategy will tell you if this spot is a hit, stand, double down, split or surrender if allowed. Practicing perfect basic strategy reduces the casino’s edge to .05%. Basic strategy charts can be found online and in casino gift shops. It will take about two weeks of serious study to master. If you like, you can bring the charts to the casino to refer to while you play. You may be asked to put them away if it slows down the game.


Purely a game of chance, roulette is a breath of fresh air to gamblers accustomed to games of skill. Players bet on single numbers and groups of numbers. More conservative bets, called outside bets, can be placed on red/black, odd/even, first 18 second 18 and first/second/third dozen. Players have great odds on outside bets, slightly worse than 50/50. Because the chances of winning are high, outside bets only pay even money. The odds of hitting a single number, called a straight bet, are 37:1. Longshots like this are what make this game so popular. Get paid 35:1 when you pick the winning number. That means if you bet $10, you would get your $10 back, plus an additional $350.


View Deals

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There’s a lot at stake at a craps table when it’s the shooter’s turn to roll the dice. It’s not just his own money on the line. Around nine out of 10 players at the table will lose their bets if the shooter rolls two, three or 12, also called craps. You’ll hear an outburst of excitement across the casino floor when the shooter rolls a seven or 11, called a natural. Everyone betting with the shooter, or on the Pass Line, gets paid. Should he roll 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or ten, it becomes his point. Roll that number again before rolling a seven to win.

Once a point is established, an odds bet can be made. It’s the only bet in the casino with no house edge. Most Strip casinos allow you to bet up to 5x your Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line bet. Experts recommend making as large an odds bet as your bankroll allows. Two additional bets are introduced after a point is set. Just like the Pass Line bet, the Come bet wins when the shooter rolls a natural or the dice lands on his Come bet point twice without rolling a seven.

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A baccarat player must pick a winner before the game even begins. He can choose between the player and banker, or bet on a tie. Ten to king are worth zero in baccarat and an ace has a value of one. The best hand in the game is nine.

The player and the banker are each dealt two cards face up. If either has a hand totaling eight or nine, the banker wins. If both do, it’s a tie. When no one has an eight or nine, the banker consults the rule book to instruct him as to the player’s next move. The hand that comes closest to nine wins, but the player does not win by possessing the winning hand. They get paid by predicting the winner correctly.

Pai Gow Poker

If you’re the type that plays to win, Pai Gow Poker isn’t your game. Only a small number of hands are won or lost. Around 40% end in a push. A player needs two poker hands that beat the dealer’s two hand’s to win. The player loses when the dealer has two hands that have them beat. Between the high number of pushes and the slow pace of the game, your bankroll should last longer playing Pai Gow Poker than most other casino games.

Four aces and a joker is the best hand in Pai Gow Poker. Known as five of a kind, it has replaced the royal flush as the top ranked hand in the game. The lowest straight in traditional poker is a wheel at ace – five, but it’s more valuable in Pai Gow Poker.  A wheel is the second highest straight only behind 10 – ace.

Let it Ride

Place your bet and you can say goodbye to your chips, unless you’re playing Let it Ride. This poker variant gives players the opportunity to take back their bets. A player places three bets to start the hand, and is dealt three cards. He looks at his hand and either Pulls Back his bet or instructs the dealer to Let it Ride and reveal the first community card. After seeing the card, the player can Pull Back his second bet or Let it Ride, but his third bet remains on the table. The dealer unveils the second community card and the player’s five-card poker hand is completed. It takes 10’s or better to win at Let it Ride.

Three Card Poker

The object of the game is to make a better poker hand than the dealer using only three cards. To start the hand, the player bets the ante and has the option to make a side bet called Pair Plus. The side bet has a 7.29% house advantage, and you need at least a pair to win.

Once the chips are on the table, the player and dealer are each dealt three cards face down. The player looks at his cards and makes his next move. Folding means he loses his bet or bets and the hand is over. Raising means he puts out another bet and the dealer’s cards are revealed. If he doesn’t have a queen or higher, the dealer’s hand doesn’t qualify and the player’s ante bet only is paid. He wins both bets when his three-card poker hand outranks the dealer’s.

Hand rankings in Three Card Poker aren’t quite the same as in traditional Hold’em. For one thing, three of a kind beats a straight because in this game, three of a kind is statistically less likely to be dealt. Unlike with five cards, it’s harder to make a straight than a flush in Three Card Poker, so the ranking order is reversed. Only three cards are required to complete a straight or flush in this poker variant.


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Place your wager and watch your team score on the giant TV’s at BetMGM Sportsbook at Excalibur. Never miss a minute of the action when you’re watching on individual monitors and wall-mounted screens. Next to the sportsbook, the Sportsbook Bar offers an alternative venue for viewing sporting events.

Visit Excalibur Casino

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Located on the south end of the Strip, Excalibur is connected by overhead bridges to New York New York and Tropicana. A free tram links the property to Luxor and Mandalay Bay. When it opened in 1990, Excalibur was the largest hotel in the world, covering more than 70 acres. The medieval facade still brings to mind the days of King Arthur’s Court, but most of the theme props and decorations were removed during a 2016 renovation.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Excalibur Casino

Can you smoke inside the Excalibur casino?

Yes, although you can’t smoke in the hotel rooms. Read more about smoking rooms on the Strip to gauge where smoking is allowed.

Is the Excalibur casino open?

The Excalibur casino is open to the public, making it one of many MGM casinos that are open again on the Strip.

Does the Excalibur casino on the Strip have free drinks?

Free drinks are offered to gamblers that choose to play games like craps and slots for long periods of time. There are also casino bars at Excalibur that offer cheap drinks.

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