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Bellagio Hotel and Casino has imported Italian grandeur to Sin City.

The villas in the town of Bellagio, Italy lie between mountains, surrounded by Lake Como—a popular vacation destination for aristocrats and celebrities. Taking inspiration from the town, the resort lies behind a massive artificial lake that’s framed by olive and Italian cypress trees. Also like the Italian destination, the Las Vegas resort is home to intricate architecture and extravagant displays of wealth. Bellagio Hotel and Casino seeks to recreate the elegance of European aristocracy and offer guests the chance to live like royalty. 

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History and First Impressions

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At the time of building, it was the most expensive resort ever built. Since its opening in 1998, Bellagio Las Vegas has maintained the timeless elegance that draws millions of visitors per year. 

When approaching Bellagio, you’ll have one of two reactions. You may say “wow” as you take in the lake, the symmetry of the architecture and the carefully-selected Italian foliage. If you don’t say anything, then you might be speechless. Every aspect of its design suggests that Bellagio is an authentic lakefront villa that was plucked, along with its grounds, from northern Italy and placed on the Las Vegas Strip. 

The feeling of awe is renewed when you enter the resort’s lobby. It’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing, Instagram-famous spots in Las Vegas, and for a good reason. The lobby is outfitted with thousands of blown glass flowers in a rainbow of colors—a work of art called ​​Fiori di Como by Dale Chihuly—that beautifully contrast the gold-and-beige color scheme of the space. On one side, live trees act as a backdrop to the expansive front desk. On the other side, the casino floor is partially hidden behind the Hermès store and the Petrossian Bar. Continuing through the lobby, you’ll arrive at Bellagio’s famous conservatory—which has earned its own section below. 

The Resort


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As one would expect from Bellagio, the hotel rooms and suites are immaculate. What may surprise guests is how comfortable they are—not just in terms of luxury, but in the way that they allow you to feel at home even in a hotel on the Strip. The decor features elements of nature, whether with blue fabric accents and pictures of dewdrops or orange abstract patterns and sunset-colored flowers.

After undergoing recent remodels, the hotel at Bellagio artfully toes the line between modern and timeless. The resort has maintained the feeling of Old World luxury even after outfitting the rooms with technology like iHome docking systems, high-speed Wi-Fi and automatic drapery. Dog-friendly rooms are available for an added fee, as are Doggie Butler Services which include check-ins, dog walking and a treats-and-toys box. 

The smallest of their seven types of rooms is the Resort King at 510 square feet, which is an affordable stay for an off-season, mid-week night. The most expensive room, the 626 square-foot Fountain View King, is on the higher price end for the same night.


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The suites are another story entirely. With more space and unique decor, the suites are where you stay if luxury is a necessity and money is of no concern. The smallest is the peacock-inspired Salone Suite at 853 square feet, which has an unbeatable city view. This suite is laid out like a funky studio apartment, with a living room-like area and upgraded bathroom—including a whirlpool tub, two showers and two sinks. On a weekend, especially during the busiest travel seasons, the price for a room or suite is likely to be higher. 

The most expensive suite at Bellagio is one of the most luxurious places to stay on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s the Presidential Suite, a 4,000+ square feet multi-room space at the top of Bellagio’s spa tower. Overlooking the city and the Fountains of Bellagio, the suite features every amenity you could want. With a private entrance, 24/7 butler service, and the option to book Entourage Suites for your staff, the Presidential Suite embodies the brand of luxury that’s generally reserved for exclusive guests and titans of industry. Unlike other luxury suites in Vegas, the Presidential Suite isn’t invitation-only, so you could stay there. You just have to make the reservation.

When you stay at Bellagio, you’re not just paying for the room and the minibar. You’re also paying for the incredible round-the-clock room service, access to luxury shops and restaurants, world-class customer service and more. You may be paying a higher resort fee, but that’s because you’re paying for access to the resort. If you have one chance to live like a monarch, set your sights on Bellagio. 

Meeting Spaces

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Bellagio has several grand ballrooms and conference rooms for meetings of all kinds. From their massive Grand Ballroom to the intimate Galleria Rooms, Bellagio offers a wide range of elegant venues for events. Whether it’s a wedding, a conference or a private business meeting, any occasion is improved when hosted in these Renaissance-style spaces. 

Visit the Meetings & Conventions page for details. 


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If not for the view of neighboring resorts, you may believe that the pools at Bellagio were located on the grounds of an Italian villa. The Mediterranean-style architecture, intricate details and well-manicured foliage surrounding the five swimming pools create the feeling of a countryside courtyard. Relax by the pool and enjoy your break from the Strip, or indulge in one of their additional luxury offerings. Daybeds, cabanas, and poolside spa services are available for those who want to add something special to their time under the sun. 


MGM properties do not offer free parking, and Bellagio is no exception.

Complimentary parking is only available to select tier members and locals for the first three hours. Otherwise, fees can incur for hotel guests, valet and non-guests looking to explore the resort.

For more information, read our piece to learn where to find free parking on the Strip.

Other Amenities And Attractions

Spa and Fitness Center

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As one might expect, the spa at Bellagio is lavish. Whether you’re enjoying a facial or a body treatment, or relaxing in the facilities, Bellagio guarantees that you’ll leave feeling refreshed. Five facials are on offer, ranging from classic cleansing to age-defying treatments. Each of their ten kinds of massages relieves tension in both your muscles and mind. Body treatments include wraps, scrubs, skin enhancements and waxing, and are designed to be as calming as they are beautifying. Spa passes include access to Bellagio’s whirlpools, steam room and sauna.

At Bellagio’s Fitness Center, you’ll find any equipment you need for an invigorating workout. Exercise solo, opt for a fitness class or book a personal training session. The personal trainers at Bellagio offer expert advice to help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

The Bellagio Conservatory

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Even if you aren’t a guest at Bellagio Hotel, the conservatory and botanical garden at Bellagio needs to be on your itinerary while you’re in Vegas. The public area is 14,000 square feet and is home to a rotating display of seasonal plants and art. View the schedule below for the 2022 instillations.

  • Lunar New Year – 1/8/22 – 3/5/22
  • Spring – 3/12/22- 5/14/22
  • Summer – 5/21/22 – 9/10/22
  • Harvest – 9/17/22 – 11/12/22

Bellagio’s team of horticulturalists and engineers work together to create towering displays of plants and structures to delight visitors—and there’s no entrance fee.

As you walk through, you may not notice just how many sculpted plants they’ve turned into whimsical objects, so take your time enjoying the displays. Also, consider visiting both during the day and at night to see how the changing light affects the exhibit. If you know how tricky it can be to keep a houseplant alive, you’ll feel extra awe as you take in the living art at the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. 

The property is dotted with carefully maintained flora, so explore the grounds to see the work of Bellagio’s 100+ plant specialists.  


“O” by Cirque du Soleil

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Bellagio is home to “O”, one of Cirque du Soleil’s best shows. The Canadian entertainment company is famous for surrealist displays of art in motion, with gymnasts and other performers working together to create a striking visual experience. “O” is so-named because it sounds like the French “eau,” which translates to “water.” The aquatic show features synchronized swimmers, acrobats, and divers who weave a tale of love and adventure in a gripping dreamscape. You won’t be able to see “O” anywhere else, as the show only runs at Bellagio’s opera house-inspired theater. 

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Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art boasts that it’s “where great art goes on vacation.” This exhibition space hosts fine art from collections around the world. Previous exhibits include the works of Faberge, Warhol and Picasso. The current exhibit, running until mid-April 2022, features work by Vince Fraser, a visual artist specializing in Afrosurrealism. Visitors can experience the immersive art of Fraser, as well as poetic spoken word by Ursula Rucker. Hotel guests enjoy special ticket pricing. 


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Considering the glamour of Bellagio, the casino fulfills all gambling needs. This is typical for many luxury resorts on the Strip, which prioritize amenities and high-limit table games over variety and creativity on the casino floor. There are about 2,300 slot machines, most of which are themed video machines. The casino at Bellagio hosts eight table games across 100+ tables. Bets can range from $15 to $20,000 per play, which can mean that you can go through chips pretty quickly when you’re playing at Bellagio. 

The high-limit lounge at Bellagio hosts the kind of games that most gamblers will never see outside of a Bond movie. The rooms are outfitted like European aristocratic lounges, with stiff furniture and intricate chandeliers. These are the games that staff watch like hawks, noting the highest bets and who’s making them to decide which players they need to impress. If you’re one of these players, the casino works for you.

Bellagio opens a secret door for their big spenders, dispensing gifts to encourage more hefty bets and anticipating their needs to keep them on the casino floor. There could literally be a million dollars on the table—in the form of chips—in the high-limit room. You may or not be able to spend time in the high-limit lounge, but it’s thrilling to know that it’s there. 

Read more about the Bellagio Las Vegas Casino »


Casual Fare

Bellagio has several casual dining options for frugal guests who enjoy the finer things in life. Learn what to expect from Bellagio’s more relaxed restaurants, including how much you can expect to spend.

Bellagio Patisserie

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Bellagio Patisserie is a small, chic pastry shop that could almost pass for a jewelry store at first glance. From crepes to cheese danishes, their treats are perfect for an early morning or afternoon snack. Each item is around $10.

Buffet at Bellagio

The Buffet at Bellagio isn’t your average buffet. Anywhere else in the country, it’s unlikely that you’d find lychee pork or a gelato stand at a buffet. But this is Vegas, the city where excess is made accessible. Because of the sheer amount of fine cuisine available, a visit to the buffet costs less from Monday to Thursday than it does from Friday to Sunday. Children eat for half price. If you’d like a nice meal but can’t decide on a restaurant, check out The Buffet at Bellagio.


Noodles is a small, comfortable restaurant specializing in pan-Asian cuisine. The menu is inspired by regional flavors from Thailand, Vietnam, China and Japan. With many dishes under $20, Noodles is an excellent stop for visitors looking for delicious food without spending too much. 

Sadelle’s Cafe

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Sadelle’s Cafe is a breakfast and brunch spot with views of Bellagio’s Conservatory. Though it’s open later on the weekends, this American restaurant specializes in classic breakfast favorites like omelets and french toast. Several of their menu items are under $40. 

Juice Press

Juice Press is the perfect spot to grab quick, healthy food. Whether you’re a plant-based or simply health-conscious eater, stop by Juice Press for a nutrient-packed snack. Smoothies and açai bowls cost around $10. 


Starbucks is everywhere—even in Bellagio. At this familiar chain coffee shop, you don’t need more than $15 for a decent breakfast.

Luxury Dining

Dining at any one of Bellagio’s award-winning restaurants is a unique experience. We won’t estimate how much you could spend, but it’s safe to say that each experience is worth its price. 

* = indicates that the restaurant has a view of the Fountains of Bellagio, offering front-row seats to the world-famous water show that happens every 15 to 30 minutes.

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Lago by Julian Serrano*

Lago is a modern restaurant with small dishes that place an American twist on Italian classics. Chef Julian Serrano has curated a menu of artful dishes designed to be shared. Lago is excellent for flavor enthusiasts, with a drink menu that’s equally as extensive as their dinner menu. 

Prime Steakhouse*

Overseen by celebrity chef Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Prime encourages guests to savor every moment of their meal. From the serene decor to the gorgeously-plated dishes, Prime Steakhouse aims to create a memorable experience that will leave you on cloud nine. 


Spago is Wolfgang Puck’s flagship restaurant which claims to have put Las Vegas on the map of culinary excellence. After a recent redesign, the contemporary decor feels as fresh as the constantly-changing menu. Enjoy Californian market-inspired dishes and carefully-crafted cocktails al fresco at this Las Vegas institution. 

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Le Cirque*

This colorful restaurant is exactly what you would expect from a French, circus-inspired, fine dining establishment. Find both color and flavor in excess at this restaurant that celebrates the simple pleasures of food and drinks. The decor and the cuisine embody whimsy and luxury at the same time, helmed by chef Dameon Evers. 

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Picasso honors the artistry of Pablo Picasso both by displaying his works and by interpreting them on their menu. Picasso was Spanish but spent much of his life in France, and so the fare at Bellagio’s Picasso is a blend of his Spanish roots and French sensibilities. Traces of the artist’s style can be found in everything from the delicate dishes to the carpet underfoot, thanks to the direction of Executive Chef Julian Serrano. 

Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant and Lounge*

Yellowtail blends Las Vegas flash and Japanese culinary techniques to create an incredible dining experience. The cuisine at Yellowtail is inspired by both Japanese and Korean flavors, curated in the fun, innovative style of Executive Chef Akira Back. Enjoy this unique, vibrant dining experience that will take you across the world and back in one meal. 

image courtesy of MGM

Michael Mina

Michael Mina is one of Las Vegas’s finest seafood restaurants. Named after the restaurant’s founder and managing chef, Michael Mina uses ingredients that are flown to the restaurant daily on a private plane. The tableside preparation, excellent service and beautiful presentation at Michael Mina will impress you just as much as their bold dishes.

The Mayfair Supper Club*

This is a monument to old-school glamor and new-school International cuisine. Entering the restaurant is like stepping into a vision of the roaring ‘20s that only exists on the screen. With delicious food and a consuming atmosphere, The Mayfair Supper Club is a must-try immersive dining experience. 

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Harvest’s tagline is “Farm to Table Freshness,” which perfectly describes the restaurant. With artisanal cheese boards and stone oven-cooked seafood, Harvest is the perfect place to find a healthy, upscale meal. 


Jasmine offers delectable Cantonese, Szechwan and Hunan cuisine in an elegant space. Enjoy a white-glove dining experience surrounded by blooming gardens and authentic Chinese art at this award-winning restaurant. Executive Chef Kang Chi Lam curates the menu at Jasmine. 

Bars and Nightlife

At Bellagio, you won’t find the kind of wild, raucous nightclubs that exist elsewhere on the Strip. If you’re hoping to dance to EDM, head to one of the neighboring casinos. Bellagio is home to elegant bars better suited for craft cocktails and conversation.

Lily Bar & Lounge

Lily specializes in handcrafted drinks that are best described as potable art. The atmosphere at Lily’s is dark and warm, and the cocktails are carefully mixed to be as beautiful as they are delicious. 

Mayfair After Dark

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This experience is the late-night second life of The Mayfair Supper Club. After 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, the restaurant turns off the lights and turns up the music. They offer a pared-down menu, but you’ll likely be more interested in the live entertainment and infectious energy. 

Baccarat Bar

Baccarat Bar is a luxurious lounge located in Bellagio’s Baccarat Room. They’re known not only for excellent martinis but also for their wide selection of cigars. With slow jazz and swanky decor, Baccarat Bar is a great place to meet with friends and enjoy a drink. 

Petrossian Bar

Petrossian Bar is a comfortable but grand spot located in Bellagio’s lobby. With live pianists and an exciting menu, it’s clear why Bellagio has made Petrossian Bar a guest’s first introduction to the resort. 


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The shops at Bellagio include the highest-end brands and their most recent collections. Even if you aren’t planning to shop, browsing the windows of these boutiques is a treat in itself. Here, you’ll find Alexander McQueen, Dior, Fendi, Prada, Valentino and more.

Giardini Garden Store

Take a piece of the Bellagio Conservatory home with you. This garden-themed gift shop is located off of the famous forest-friendly attraction and is ready to send you home with gifts and trinkets to create your own at-home conservatory.


Grab quick snacks, drinks and newspapers at this grab-and-go stand.

Tutto for Bellagio At Home

Tutto is a one-stop shop for everything from skincare to home essentials. With 24 hours of operation and a nearby Promenade Shops location, it’s a mecca of convenience.

The Bottom Line

If you’re visiting Vegas in search of luxury, Bellagio Hotel and Casino should be your home during your stay. With some of the finest restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and amenities in the world, you can indulge extravagantly without ever leaving the grounds.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bellagio Resort Las Vegas

What is Bellagio Las Vegas famous for?

Bellagio Las Vegas is signature for its famous fountains and the amazing attractions it has on display, such as the free conservatory. There are also several things to do near Bellagio, such as visiting nearby resorts like The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

How much does it cost to stay at Bellagio?

As one of the luxury hotels in Las Vegas, the nightly prices at Bellagio can cost well into triple digits.

Can you smoke at Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas?

Yes. Bellagio has two smoking floors and inside certain bars and spots in the casino. Read more about smoking hotels on the Strip to understand the resort’s smoking policies.

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